Our Services

Child Psychiatric Evaluation

For those 21 and under, there are two options for the initial evaluation.  It is the parents' and patient's choice, which type of appointment best meets their needs.

The first option is a two-hour appointment and begins with our pediatric nurse practitioner, Terry Peura, to gather information and history.  The second hour immediately follows with Dr. Naser and focuses on a diagnostic assessment of the current situation and establishes a treatment plan.

The second appointment option is a 90-minute appointment exclusively with either of our experienced pediatric nurse practitioners, Terry Peura or Laura Orsatti Weissflog, during which a history, diagnostic assessment and treatment plan are completed.

Adult Psychiatric Evaluation

For those 19 and above, a one-hour initial evaluation appointment can be scheduled with Dr. Naser or Ms. Weissflog.

This session involves information and history gathering, diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning.  Practitioners reserve the right to alter or adjust the timeframe and expense of these evaluations based on the number of participants in the session or other factors.  Any changes of this nature will be discussed prior to the appointment.

Medication Management Sessions

After the initial evaluation appointment, follow-up sessions may be scheduled.  These appointments are either 30 or 60 minutes in duration and provide an opportunity to discuss the current treatment plan and to assess symptomatology and day-to-day functioning.  In addition, medication benefits and side effects are reviewed and adjusted. 

Mr. Peura sees patients under the age of 21.  Dr. Naser and Ms. Weissflog see patients of all ages.  


While therapy is not the primary focus of the practice, each clinician has limited availability to provide therapy sessions at their discretion.  

Therapists within the building can also be contacted directly for these services. In addition, we collaborate with a variety of therapists in the community and are happy to provide referrals.​